Forum Rules

RULE #1:
NO SPAM.. Do NOT Advertise ANY Products, Jobs, MLM's, Or anything off topic on this message board. Don't you think we get enough spam in this world??? go spam somewhere else. Also do NOT advertise your site in the forums, do NOT recruit people to visit your site or to help you build your site. This is not the place for that. If you want us to link to your site, then click on the weblinks link in the menu and submit it, we will review it and add it at that time.

RULE #2:
No posting of pirated materials, No trading, or offering of copyrighted material unless you have the copyright holders written consent. This can get into trouble so don't do it. Plus if you do, do it, we will kick your butt out of here.

RULE #3 :
Please do not post entire messages in the subject line, It is ok to post short comments there and then follow it with [NT] to show that there is no text in the body part of the message. I do ask that you keep it under 30 characters long. Long posts in the subject line are anoying.

RULE #4 :
Please respect others opinions. Name calling or character bashing just makes you look bad. If you do not like what someone has to say just post a rebuttal.

RULE #5 :
This rule no longer applies, so see rule 4 again :wink:

RULE #6 :
Try to keep it clean. Again I won't delete messages for this. We do not believe in censorship. But keep in mind what you say to others reflects on your personality and if you want people to think you are trash then so be it.

RULE #7 :
Have FUN. After all AD&D is a game, and ADND.COM is here so we have a common place to talk about the game we all love. And if you don't love the game then what the heck are you doing here?!?

-ADnD.COM Staff