To Face the Ugly Deed: Cp10

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To Face the Ugly Deed
Chapter Ten


Makinor did not explain things about being a champion for a goddess of love.  He came to my house already wearing a nice outfit of black suede while I was still having Eashae check things with my hunting outfit.  While he waited for me to finish preparing myself, Makinor did try to speak of his relationship with Jelnaya, which basically was that he had just met her.  He understood that revelation did not help his credibility, so he tried to explain.

“Listen, Onathia told me that Jelnaya had the blessing that every person, much less a divine champion, needs.  Fergush likes and trusts Jelnaya.  She does not just have the blessing of a god, but his friendship.  I was told to depend on that.”  Since Quafrey had gone in search of Jelnaya, I had to agree, which had Makinor say, “However over-the-top Jelnaya might seem, she pulls things out with everyone satisfied with her.  She has a good reputation, something most champions of Fergush do not have.”

I simply replied, “But she’s not married?”

Makinor seemed surprised by my statement, and only returned, “You’re married.  Love however is not limited to just married couples.”

“I know.  Still, it is important.  Why aren’t you married?”

“I have a personal relationship with my world’s goddess of love.  You cannot get a better lady than that.”

I heard my goddess supply an answer, which I related.  “I believe my wife does things that your goddess does not.  Because I have a wife, I can set an example for the youths and claim all the experiences of a loving relationship.”  I then heard a question, and asked the one that might know the answer, “Jelnaya speaks of getting married.  Why aren’t you seeking marriage?”

“I feel that will be the end of my service.  Most men who seek Onathia gain a wife, then never seek the goddess again.  Up to now I have not been able to think of gaining a wife and keeping my relationship with my goddess.  As for Jelnaya, who would ask her, much less be qualified to ask her?”

That sounded like a childish answer to me.  While Makinor appeared older than me, I was beginning to think of myself as more learned.  Not scared of what the lady might say, when the champion to a fighter god showed up I asked the question myself.

“Jelnaya, what type of man would you want for a husband?”

“You’re already married, Nebard.”

I actually felt good after hearing that response, so gladly continued the conversation.  “My people believe that I was too young to be married.”

“Well, I was getting to the marrying age when I confronted Fergush.  I did not intend to become his champion, but I knew it was time for me to make some type of decision.  As for what type of man I would want, I guess someone I would feel would be my equal but not tie me down.  Grandmother Straekin is like that.  She is not anything like Grandfather Terish, but the two are equal in very different ways.  As for what type of man I will claim, only time will tell.”

“How about Makinor?”

The champion of She-Who-Loves made an exclamation, although I was glad to see Jelnaya smile as she answered, “Well, honestly, deep down inside, I believe Makinor is only soft wax.  I believe he falls for every woman, so just has not been able to focus on chasing a specific lady.”

Makinor again made an exclamation, but I replied, “I’m not soft.”

Jelnaya replied, “We’ll see, but you, Nebard, seem more like my type, although already married.”

I had to brag on my wife.  “Eashae has a strong spirit as well.  I believe I will have a good life with her.”

Even through my tough leather garments I felt the taps from Jelnaya as she said, “You have no choice.  You chose her.  You give that lady the best life you can.  The same with me.  When I marry, that man is going to see my best.  He will get my affection.  He will get children.  He will get everything.  I WILL HAVE EVERYTHING!”  I felt she intended those words to another, as her voice dropped right back down in volume.  “Eashae is your wife.  You went ahead and picked a lady, so you have the responsibility to stay true to her.  Let me promise your goddess that when I finally pick my man, I will stay true to him.”

Hearing some words, I gladly replied, “Quafrey appreciates what you said, Jelnaya.”

“Okay, so let me tell you some things that she might not like.  I am not going to promise that you will live.  I have been defeating these creatures, so I have some confidence, but too much confidence can kill.  Should things get desperate, I reduce to caring for myself.  Good tactics however can win any battle, so you keep talking to me.  Hopefully we can gain an edge that keeps us with a victory.”

“I’m trusting in you, Jelnaya.”

“And I have not bitten off your head when you spoke to me, so you should not fear speaking to me.  You hear me?  We talk, we make plans, and we figure out how to win.”

Makinor asked, “When do we go, Jelnaya?”


There was no deception in the path Jelnaya had us take.  While she had dressed in an outfit almost completely of black leather, she boldly opened a shimmering oval for Makinor and me to walk through.  It took more than one portal, but I did not see the stretching of the land around me with the blurring to make the movement between realities seem to be just a walk into unfamiliar territory.  Jelnaya had a confidence in her route, and once we arrived at a location she had us take some quick movements to secure ourselves from being seen.

Once behind a fence where the barrier on two sides and a large tree worked to keep us hidden, Jelnaya whispered, “Okay, guys, if either of you champions of a love goddess starts fighting, the fight is on.  However, there is a lot about the situation that bothers me.  I would prefer simply skulking around and getting some information.”

Makinor asked, “What specifically troubles you, Jelnaya?”

“That everyone is evil.  That I need to wipe out this entire world.  My family is a good example in there being good in some of the most destructive personalities.  Find the good, champions of love.”

“And what if we find it?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe we make plans to save the good and just wipe out the evil.  I am probably just being a girl for thinking that way, but I will at least let you men have a chance to become dominate.  This is after all a mission of your aspects.”

That response had me feel that I would hear a dispute from the opposing champions, but Makinor simply smiled before saying, “Honestly, Jelnaya, I expected a worse plan from a champion of He-Who-Fights.”

“Fergush is not He-Who-Eradicates, Makinor.  I like my missions to be something to brag about.  That is what I am looking for.  I want something to brag about after everything is done.”

“Onathia just told me to buy the round of drinks when you do that, Jelnaya.  Okay, I guess we meet up here?”

Jelnaya again warned Makinor and me that should we initiate a fight, she would not seek to stop it.  We then chose directions, and carefully moved off to reconnoiter.  I really did not know what I was looking for, but I agreed with my goddess that it would be better to find a reason not to simply fight.

Hearing the sound of horses, I moved to a barn.  Not seeing any lights, I went to the animals speaking softly.  They were not the animals I knew, but while strange to me I found them not to have the qualities in the animals I had experience with.

I turned as a lamp was held high and a person asked, “What are you doing in here?”

He was not the leader of the Privileged, but I recognized the man, so spoke with familiarity as I replied, “Looking over your animals.  These are not like the ones you presented to us.”

“You have no idea about what you are involved in, but you are way over your head.  You should not have come here.”

“Yes, well, I am with that lady that killed your wolves and a number of you Privileged.  I feel it is time I learned just how deep is the pool I am swimming in.”

I saw the man’s body go tense as Jelnaya softly said, “How about we move into the barn and talk about how deep the crap is.”

He stayed still while saying, “You can’t win.”

“Then let’s discuss not losing.  Into the barn.”

The man stepped forward in a way that I recognized he felt a weapon at his back.  Jelnaya did not sheathe her sword as she closed the barn door.  Again putting the point of her weapon to the man’s back, she commanded him to take a seat while I hung the lantern from a nail and made a simple statement.

“Glad to see you, Jelnaya.”

“Yes, well I told you that I was only seeing annihilating these people.  I thus simply watched where you champions of love headed.  I thought the barn was a good idea, then saw this idiot head to you.”

As if to gain control of the conversation, the one sitting said, “You won’t find anything here.”

“Why not?” I asked.  “Weren’t you once offered women and animals?  Why isn’t your horse like the one you offered us?  Why don’t I see you with a wolf?”

“Because I am beyond such simple desires.  By the way, my wife is just as involved as I am.  You kill me, and you have to deal with her.  She knows I came out here, so will be checking on me soon enough.”

Jelnaya said, “So she’s the one that cuts up and add spices to the souls of those you take?”

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Then let me explain some things to you.  I killed some of you.  I highly suspect you are planning to return the fight.  Well, fine with me.  I am in the mood to start the fight right now.  Now, what part of us not understanding do you think you need to start explaining to me?”

“You fight us, and you will be fighting the armies of Hell.  My wife might still have her soul, and I might still have mine, but they both are sold.  We made our bargain, and all you will gain in going up against us is joining us in Hell.”

Jelnaya killed him.  I knew she had her sword out, but it surprised me to see it then stick out of the man’s chest.  As she pushed the body to the ground, I found Jelnaya to ask a question that had me think past the death she had caused.

“Is Quafrey telling you to start eradicating these people?”

I listened to the words that came to me, then answered, “She is telling me to understand.”

“What she wants you to understand is why you had to be a divine champion.  Our souls are sold as well.  We can face these doomed people and stride into Hell with them without being condemned, because our souls are already condemned.  I know there is a place at a great banquet table reserved for me.  That fate does not trouble me at all.  I hope you can say similar words about your eternity with your love goddess.”

“I really have not spoken to Quafrey about things like that.  I really know little of her religion.”

“Well, I would say to take the time, but right now we might have a march into Hell.”

I stepped up to the lady to say, “Really, Jelnaya, Quafrey is telling me to understand.  There is more we need to learn.”

“Okay, go.  You know I’ll be watching over you.”

I looked to the animals, but seeing her not move I had to ask, “Are you going to check on Makinor?”

“No.  He won’t find anything.”

“What?”  Hearing no voice of the goddess, I had to ask, “Why not?”

“Because he does not want to.  What that man on the ground told you is that this is going to get ugly.  Makinor will not want to look there.  Nothing against Onathia, but her religion does not promote the ugliness.  Quafrey is seeming to be a little more practical in her perception.  She is going to have you look.  Honestly, Onathia is going to have Makinor look as well, but I can tell you now that he will turn his head and stop up his nose at times.  I however get to take Makinor home with me, so he will get his lectures.  Quafrey is trusting you to understand.”

Still not hearing the voice of my goddess, I asked, “Why?”

“Gods have their plans as well.  Maybe we can meet one day and catch each other up on the paths we were led to follow.  Let’s just hope we have a chance to do it on this side, and not on the next.”

Strangely, I had a vision of Eashae, which had me say, “Yes, as I have a wife to get back to.”

“And I have a husband I expect to find one day.  Sounds like we are finding things in common, Nebard.  Now, get back to looking.”

Honestly, Makinor has been made to look.