Only Fools Complain: Cp14

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Only Fools Complain
Chapter Fourteen
I am Not Resting

My skin was hurt, but it was mostly secondary from the acids of the oozes eating at the clothes beneath my armor. My ladies however took care of me rubbing the salve on my irritated skin then bandaging it. One part of me did not need tending, but the ladies took care of that as well. They were both lovely ladies. The sight of their bodies put a smile on my face, and seeing them cooperating kept it there. I felt the itch of my raw skin being treated by the salve, and the fatigue from satisfying two ladies, but sat without any clothes completely contented.

I had to ask, “The two of you did not know each other before becoming my wives?”

Aden replied, “No, Berair. I knew who Mersidda was, but had not actually met her.”

Mersidda said, “I knew who Aden was, as she was married to Prince Therlik. I thought that the period of mourning was still in place, so had not considered her as seeking another husband.”

“The period of mourning ended about a week ago. The baron loved Therlik, so got mad at me for all the things I was doing to again seek a husband. I actually believe that he thought up this scheme just to prove his power over me.”

I interjected, “Well, it probably did prove his power over you.”

She glared at me as she replied, “And for that reason I will not thank him for being married to you.” She paused, then I saw her features soften. “I guess that I need to thank you for being the person you are. It is not the baron’s fault that you are not the person he thought you were.”

“Honestly, I would like for King Terish to tell me his side of the story about getting me into this situation.” A fact had been bothering me, and I let myself state it before both of my wives. “I am going to have to trust both of you ladies. I don’t know what will happen after my next stunt.”

I believe that Aden was going to ask, but Mersidda proved herself to have some intelligence as she guessed correctly. “You are going to go through the shell!”

She came to give me a kiss upon seeing my nod. I expected a more sober response from Aden. When Mersidda moved away enough for me to again see my other wife, her head nodded indicating that she had formed some conclusions.

“You feel that you can get out, and might not be able to get back in.”

“Right.” I would have liked to have shared a kiss with her as I did with Mersidda, but Aden had a different personality, so I explained. “Just as the heroes in town tried to get out, there are surely those outside attempting to come to our rescue. At the worse, there should be your king.”

“Should be Duke Menishall. Nemurk is his direct responsibility. I am not saying that King Chellor will not provide aid, but politics often clouds the perception of leaders around here about what is important.”

“Okay, but still there should be someone. The fact that they have not overcome the barriers means that I might have problems in both directions.”

The room went quiet for a period. I think just out of boredom, Mersidda took a seat on one of my legs. Aden smiled, then sat down on my other leg. I thought the view was wonderful, although was grateful when my mature wife figured out what to say.

“Leaving with both of us would not solve anything. You are not going to leave Nemurk in this situation.”

“And with my luck I would then get trapped back inside while the two of you were outside.”

Mersidda said, “We could go to our families.”

Aden retorted, “We are family. You, me, and Berair are family. As our husband, Berair has to consider our safety. Honestly, we are safe here. Berair has the duty to end this threat. It is thus his job to go and do what is necessary. We are to secure the home. At present there is not much for you and me to do, but I guess that we do need to learn about each other.”

“I could teach you to cook.”

“Mersidda, there are people cooking for us.” The words were not said with any venom, but Aden had her voice change as if attempting to apologize. “Still, yes, if that is what you enjoy talking about.”

“Well, no – I mean, what else is there to do?”

“Well, you bought that bolt of cloth, but I don’t sew either. I spent many days watching birds. I learned how to paint. I guess that I could paint, you can sew, and we can see what we like about foods.” Aden lifted herself from my leg, then moved up to kiss me before saying, “Don’t worry about us, Berair. We will be all right.”

Mersidda stayed on my leg as she asked, “Berair, what do you like to do?”

Aden answered, “Watch our naked bodies.”

“And I like watching his. Really, Berair, what else do you like to do?”

I first handled Aden’s comment, by reaching out and pulling her to me. “I happen to have two ladies that I can watch, and I will not deny myself.”

It actually surprised me to see a smile on her face as she replied, “I am not denying you either, my lord. It is a simple pleasure, and one I am pleased to have satisfy you. I worked hard to put my body back in this condition, so would be displeased if you kept having me put my clothes back on.”

I then looked around my mature wife to speak to my little one. “I like what I do, Mersidda. I enjoy a good fight, and when I can do so to help others it is a double pleasure. I enjoy hunting, so you should expect to have meat regularly on our table. I enjoy history, and will often move about a castle looking at the paintings and statuary attempting to place any historical references.”

Aden seemed surprised as she asked, “Do you read?”

“Yes, I will. I mean, before you two came into my life there was a lot of down time to fill.”

I heard a giggle, then felt a part of me touched as Mersidda said, “It’s not down anymore, Berair.”

Aden came over to me, kissed me, then said, “She’s young. I do enjoy my time with you, but I am satisfied at the moment. There are other things about my life with you that I need to get used to.” With those words, it did not surprise me to hear, “Mersidda, our lord is yours. Remember this when I want some time with him.”

I guess the safest thing to say is that I enjoyed the rest of the day. It did help that my two ladies did not fight with one another. As with Mersidda, there was a newness to being married. I had my ladies in a number of private moments, but with my body very tired and sections wrapped to allow the skin to heal, I realized just how much my life had changed. I went from my ladies naked, to watching them dress and do the things ladies do to enhance their appearance. Mersidda kept glancing to me as if she found my presence as odd as I did being with her in such a period. When they had me join them out in the front room to our apartment, there was Tamesa moving about assuring that our activities did not become cumbersome with details. Mersidda’s mother then showed up, and I enjoyed watching, at times participating, in the life of females.

Emoya seemed to understand my thoughts, as during supper she asked me, “You are not used to being surrounded by females.”

“Uh, no. One of the problems with a large family. We men would gather and discuss our topics while the ladies went and did – well, I assume, what you have been doing.”

“It would help more men to simply spend time around their ladies.”

“Well, among us men it is said that it would help if they spent time around us.”

Aden said, “You keep sending us away saying it is dangerous.”

“I have been with you a number of hours now, and none of you have asked about attack routines, weaknesses in the monsters, really good strikes that proved very effective, maneuvers that did not show any results, problems with the terrain, etc.”

“Surely not all the men in your family talk about that.”

“Well, baking is an old topic. Sometimes it or business is discussed. Sometimes politics. Each opponent is different however, so there are always new things to mention about even the most routine assignment.”

Emoya translated, “What he just said, Aden, is that the men do talk about that almost all the time.”

Mersidda said, “I thought that they talked about us.”

I answered my youngest wife. “Usually not in a good way, Mersidda. However, we think about you a lot. At least, I know I do.”

She smiled at me, but spoke to another. “Is that true, Aden?”

My mature wife displayed her surprise at the question. “What? How would I…” Softly, “No, Mersidda, I do not ever remember Therlik talking about me in a good way.”

There was a pause, then my youngest wife said, “I am sorry for hurting you, Aden.”

“You did not hurt me, Mersidda. My past husband hurt me. You are a friend. What I am finding is that Berair is a friend. I have never been married to a friend before.” A hand reach out for mine as she said, “This experience is new for me as well.”

Not wanting to hurt the lady, I simply replied, “Then we accomplished a lot already.”

Emoya said, “That is true. It makes me wonder how you were chosen, Berair.”

“I find myself wondering as well. I feel that once this thing is done, my night of telling this story will be followed by many more as others tell their own tales relating to these events.” I let some boldness enter my voice as I added, “Still, I plan on my night to be one of the better ones.”

My young wife almost cheered in voicing her agreement. The two older ladies at the table also spoke of their belief in my success. I felt that put the mood where it aught to have been, which I felt to be proven true by the ladies cheerfully returning to their topics.

When the time of socializing was over, Mersidda almost ran to our bedroom after saying good night to her mother. I thought it cute, and definitely sought to fulfill her desires. I however found my own movement to the bedroom stopped by Aden.

“I assume that your family will be as surprised in finding you married as you were a couple of days ago.”

The thought did have me chuckle as I replied, “With two wives no less, I guess they will. They might think that I got into something dealing with slavers out in the desert. Like I said, there will be a night where they will want me to tell my story.”

“I am a woman, my lord, but I want to be more involved in your life. Therlik was not my friend, and I did not love him. It did not trouble me at all to attend socials during the day and quietly let the evenings pass. I however want to go out and learn about what you do.”

“I would be honored. There is no need to do anything more than you want, but maybe a little knowledge will help you understand some things.” Before she could say it, I added, “And I will continue to do things around you.”

“You are making me look forward to the future, Berair. Please, come back.”

“Aden.” I put a growl to my voice, but smiled when her eyes darted to fully focus on my face. “I am looking forward to the future as well. I thus will come back.”

Events prove Berair neither a fool nor a liar.