Only Fools Complain: Cp11

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Only Fools Complain
Chapter Eleven
Back to Work

Satisfying two ladies was rather draining, but double the thanks more than made up for the effort. After doing my best for the ladies, Aden again went on to sleep. When I got up, Mersidda again followed me. We ended up sitting in a chair with me fondling her chest while speaking of our homes. It caught both of us by surprise to have Tamesa ask us if we wanted anything.

My little wife turned on my body to say, “Tamesa, we’re naked.”

“You are pleasantly spending time together. I am so pleased to have been able to share this moment. Lady Aden never had such moments with her husband. Please trust that I will indeed help to keep the pleasant atmosphere to our home.”

It was hard seeing Mersidda’s face in the dark, but her breasts caught the light in curves that I found enchanting. I thus did not notice her face, but only the movement of her torso. What she could see of me, I could not say.

“Well, wine… is there something stronger than wine? My lord and I do need to return to bed.”

“Lady Aden had me keep a supply of brandy.”

“Oh, brandy – do you want some brandy, my lord?”

I answered by saying, “No, Mersidda. Tamesa, wine for me, and not much. I agree with Mersidda that we both need to return and join Aden in the bed. It however will not take much to get me to sleep.”

My youngest wife seemed rather annoyed that she was naked, but did not rush to put on any clothes. She simply stayed with me. As she accepted the glass from Tamesa, my little wife had to ask a question.

“It does not bother you that I am naked?”

“I told you, Lady Mersidda, that it was pleasant waking to sounds in the house and to find them cheerful. You are truly finding pleasure in your husband. That leads me to believe that Lady Aden is also truly happy.”

Before taking a sip, my little wife commented, “She says she is. She has been very kind to me.”

“She has been kind to me as well. Lady Aden never allowed her anger at her previous husband to show in her treatment of me. She will however keep it in, and that is not good.”

I whispered to Mersidda, “That is what Aden was doing with me earlier today. She was just crying. I felt she needed it, so I let her cry.”

Tamesa softly said, “She has a few years to release, Lord Berair. Please continue to be gentle with her.”

“Of course, I love them both. I warned both of my wives that I was too big to get into a fight with. They needed to be gentle with me, and I promised to be gentle in return.”

“That was probably good advice, and I see that you are keeping your promise. I am honored to come into your service, Lord Berair.”

I finished my wine, then handed the glass back to Tamesa while saying, “I am glad to have you. I expect my wives to care for you, but if there is something I need to do then feel free to ask.”

“Just let me be a member of the family, Lord Berair. I want to be a part of these moments. It helps me feel that things have changed for the better.”

“Well, right now I have a shell to get rid of. After that, I guess that I will need to put my focus into establishing this life we now have together. One step at a time.”

I thanked Tamesa, then carried Mersidda back to our bed. My little wife kissed me in a playful fashion as if to start something, but I felt Aden snuggle up to the other side of me. I wrapped an arm around her only to have her grab it. She did nothing else, but wrapped around my arm she seemed at peace. Mersidda hugged my other side, and I also felt her body relaxed. Feeling all was well in the bed, I also soon went to sleep.

Woke up to some playful activity to which my body was responding. As I became more aware, I found it to be Aden. Just the sight of the lady smiling as she bounced kept me entertained and made me unaware of the passing of time. She finally showed some fatigued, and allowed Mersidda to have some time with me. While my young wife enjoyed some pleasure, Aden blocked my view of her by passionately kissing me. I did my best to stay aroused for Mersidda, but the activity about my body overcame me in what was a wonderful moment.

We were speaking about needing to clean up, but still enjoying the touch of each other when the voice of Tamesa said, “Lord Berair, a soldier brought by a uniform for you.”

It was Aden that stuck her head through the curtains around our bed to reply, “Yes, Tamesa, we will be dressing shortly, so just leave it.”

The sound of shock could clearly be heard in the servant’s voice. “Lady Aden, you are most cheerful.”

“Oh, yes. A good husband is a wonderful thing.”

“Well, I believe that I tried to make you aware of that a few times.”

“Yes, I believe that you did. Now, could you go get breakfast?”

“Certainly, my lady. Lord Berair, are you well?”

My two wives laughed along with me as I assured Tamesa that I was fine. With the servant leaving, we left the bed and began readying ourselves for the day. The ladies were more interested in my uniform than getting themselves dressed, so were still basically undressed when Tamesa returned. She entered the room to help my wives while I finished putting on the clothes of an officer of the kingdom of Peranty. My two ladies praised my appearance, and I had to admit that I did look rather well.

Telling the ladies that I would now actually need their help, I moved to where my stuff had been placed. The armor pieces fit over my present uniform as it did my uniform from Thiminy. There was some color to the metal pieces in the relief of a dragon. I mentioned desiring to hide the violet and show some orange, but the ladies had to ask about where the armor was made. I explained that Serussdal had a good armorer, but that I had commissioned mine from the dwarves. I then spoke of a fellow officer, a captain, that came back from an assignment with the elves to have armor from that land. While the dwarf smiths made solid pieces with wonderful detail work, the elves had a complex design that did allow for better movement, but required a lot of work to clean. When the ladies had trouble lifting a piece, I admitted that one of the reasons I wanted dwarf work was to assure that most good blows to my body would not pass.

Aden said, “I wish that you would have been wearing this yesterday.”

“No,” I replied, “because those monsters wrap you up and attack your vital areas. It actually helped me to have the maneuverability yesterday. Today is mostly show, but I would like to get a close view of the shell.”

Tamesa said, “Lady Aden can take you, my lord.”

“She can?”

Aden showed a puzzled expression on her face, which caused the servant to say, “Sergeant Hissauld has said that he put some men to work on a place where they could test things about the shell.”

“Oh, yes,” my mature wife softly exclaimed before turning her eyes to me. “He is a friend, my lord. Nothing to be worried about, but he is someone that does not like the politics. His clear thinking however makes him important to the baron. Let me take you and introduce you to him.”

The man sounded like just the one I needed to meet. I however had two wives to keep busy. Luckily, I had already a plan for my wives that my youngest wife could certainly do by herself.

“Mersidda, I would like for you to check on Berallid. I owe him my gratitude for bringing me into your life, and Aden’s life. See if those who care for him are in need.”

She asked, “Could I take my mother with me, my lord?”

“Certainly. It is just good planning to take out any serious opposition. I thus feel that Berallid could be a major help in removing this shell once some things are figured out. I thus want him well.”

Neither of my wives complained with their assignments. We thus went to eat. As we had the meal, my eyes kept moving to the boxes. Their presence did bother me. Aden noticed where my gaze would jump, although noticeably avoided mentioning the containers. Finally, I guess to keep me from complaining about their presence, my mature wife spoke about the boxes.

“There is a reason for them, Berair, but please be satisfied with those words at the moment. I believe a time will come when I will laugh at the things inside, but right now the memories are deep wounds. Leave them be, my lord.” She turned to speak to another, “Tamesa, could you please find some cloth to cover them?”

“I could put them back in storage, my lady.”

“Oh, no. The baron will not get a chance to claim these items again. They will stay here.” Strength entered Aden’s voice as she asked, “Is that understood?”

“Yes, my lady.”

“Good. Thank you, Tamesa. With the cloths placed over the boxes, the topic will be closed.” Her face turned to me to say, “All things of mine are open to you, Berair, but please respect my wishes.”

I replied, “I will not deny that I am curious, but let me also say that my love for you will prove the greater emotion. At the moment I also need to put my curiosity to other uses.” I then turned to the servant to command, “Tamesa, put some flowers, candles, etc. on the boxes after they are covered. No need to just have them there spoiling the ambience of the room.”

Both of my wives seconded the command, and Tamesa let it be known that she would obey. That did settle the matter of the boxes in my mind. While I was interested in learning more about my wives, I accepted that I was learning enough of them, so some things could wait.

I kissed Mersidda and told her that restoring Berallid needed to be a major concern. Aden assured the lady that she would just be taking me through the barracks, a world of men, so would not be having much fun even though with me. As if understanding, Mersidda made some comments about what men would be speaking about. Considering that her parents sought to have her marry a military man, I accepted that she had heard some things. She however did not act as if any of the comments applied to me as she kissed me and told me to again make her proud of me.

The shell is protected.