Only Fools Complain: Cp10

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Only Fools Complain
Chapter Ten
My World Expands

It seems that the baron was keeping more from Aden than just a slave. When we entered the apartment, a number of boxes were set against the wall. What surprised me was that Aden did not go searching through them. She merely opened them, verified the contents were familiar to her, then closed each back.

“My lord, I am sorry to say that our return might not be as simple as a magic spell.”

Wanting to sound accepting of Aden, I replied, “No, but I am glad to know that wherever we decide to call home, you can truly consider your home.”

“Yes, but not due to the things in these boxes. Well, maybe some. Most will be disposed of in some manner. I will not however give the baron the satisfaction of regaining any of this.” I felt she was about to show Tamesa about the apartment, but then Aden turned back to me. “If you must know, I have my clothes and most of my jewelry. Most of this is thus what my previous husband owned. You may look through it, of course.”

Feeling that I had done enough exploring for the day, I actually said what was on my mind. “What curiosity I have, Aden, is in learning about you. While what is in these boxes might give me ways to pry into more of your secrets, I don’t yet feel that I have fully learned what you are willing to freely reveal.”

“Thank you for those words, my lord. Is there something you need?”

“I have two wives, Aden. If you have something to do, I will just spend more time with Mersidda.”

Shock actually registered on her features. I have to say that the next emotion was fear. She then composed herself, but turned to my other wife and not me.

“Mersidda, please, spend time with Tamesa. The two of you should get to know each other. If you don’t mind, I will claim some time with our lord.”

My youngest wife did not put up any fight. While she had been quick, even eager, to have me for a certain act, she accepted Aden’s suggestion without anything more than coming to me for a kiss. Wondering how things would go with Aden this time, I calmly followed her into our bedroom.

What occurred was what I expected my time with a wife to be. Aden had a subdued style to a certain act that pulled as much from me as Mersidda’s energetic presence. Aden however put her warmth into her time with me while our clothes were still on. There was something to her kisses that I had yet to experience. The strong hold upon my arm when we walked together changed into an encompassing presence that had me submitting to her commands just to relax in her comforting aura. By the time we were finished, I wished for a chance to start all over again.

She moved to begin cleaning herself up while asking, “Are you satisfied, my lord?”

“No, Aden, and I doubt that I will ever be. I am glad that have you for life.”

“Thank you.”

That response almost got me angry. I came upon her, took her jaw, then lifted it so I could kiss her. She did not refuse me, although her eyes stayed on me. I let some strength come into my voice to assure her that I was not being polite.

“For life, Aden. I am telling you that I want you to do that again, and again, and that I will do everything I can to be deserving of you.”

“Deserving of me?”

I sensed something in her voice that I did not like, so did not have my parroting of her words sound kind. “Deserving of you.”

“I was a prize given to you for a job the baron wants done.”

“Okay, so is that going to be the relationship between us?”

Again I noticed shock cross her features, and with a meek chirp she said, “No.” Her voice returned to its usual warmth as she said, “No. Please, no.” She moved up to kiss me, then said, “I’m sorry, my lord. I will need to get used to sharing you with Mersidda. You are not at fault. You gave me the time I requested. I just found myself thinking of having to share you again, and that soured my mood.”

“Yes, well, I cannot say that having two wives is as great as we men will sometimes have it sound. However, you are so different that I cannot help but say that I love both of you. You just gave me something she cannot perform. She touches me in a way I don’t know if you can match. I thus find myself loving the two of you more because of the contrast you provide in my life. Don’t leave me, Aden. Don’t ever let me do anything to have you wish to leave me.”

“I have already committed myself to you, Berair. I will not leave you. I however am also feeling protective of you. Mersidda however needs to be included in those feelings of protection as well. She is your wife as well, and can be a comfort, as I know how troublesome a man can get. I apologize again, Berair.”

I reached out to manipulate a breast. She paused her actions to allow me to do as I would. I did it just long enough to be bothersome, then softly spoke.

“I am glad to have you in my life, Aden. I do think that you are pretty, and you have a personality that is most pleasant. You better not consider yourself inferior to Mersidda.”

“Yes, my lord – Berair. I appreciate that...”

Her features tightened as her mind appeared to be faced with a puzzle. She presented her chest to me as if to allow me to fondle both of her mounds, but her head did not have an expression of being satisfied with that act. Her blue eyes finally locked on mine.

“I am your wife. Whether I appreciate you or not, what I have to give is yours to gain. But I am glad to be your wife. But you are making me glad to be your wife. I want you to know that.”

“Good. I want you to know the same. I however hope that my actions support those words whether they get said or not. We have a lot to learn about each other, Aden. I will probably make some mistakes. Love me, because I promise that my mistakes do not mean that I will no longer love you.”

She moved up to me to kiss me, then said, “You are proving yourself to be a man upon which I can rely upon those words. Yes, Berair, I will love you and trust in your love for me. Now, we have kept the others waiting long enough. Let us get presentable.”

We helped clean each other up, then dressed in more comfortable clothes. What few clothes I brought were in the armoire, but I was shown how each of my wives had put some things of their own in there as well. Most of their things were in the other bedroom, but Aden agreed with me that our time should be together as much as possible. Feeling comfortable and ready to spend time with others, we left to check on the others.

Mersidda mentioned how long we were gone, but spoke with pleasure about using the time to put more curl into her hair. Tamesa mentioned being glad to have the time to get to know the young lady. The slave however began to ask Aden about me. I got the impression that Tamesa also had bad memories about the previous husband, although felt the weight of the change in her life when Aden mentioned a simple fact.

“You are not to refuse Berair, Tamesa. Whatever he commands, you obey. He is my husband, so now you are his property. I do not know what he should request of you, as he has two wives who are more than willing to honor his presence, but if he feels a need to command, you have no authority to deny him.”

Tamesa knelt as she said, “Yes, my lady.”

She was not very old, and not ugly. Tamesa however was not one of my wives. Accepting that she would be present around me and my wives, I sat down and spoke to Mersidda about her hair. Both her and Aden seemed surprised that I would discuss such a topic, although I reminded them that I had two sisters and by the time I was maturing my oldest brother had a wife. I thus knew something of what ladies would talk about. Mersidda then mentioned something of what she felt us men would talk about, and Tamesa made a comment that let it be known she understood the reference. I sat and listened to my ladies feeling that the slave would be a good addition to my family.

The chatter from the ladies increased when Mersidda’s mother arrived. I enjoyed hearing things of my youngest wife. Her statements of embarrassment only increased my pleasure, as the things definitely sounded like stories she would not tell on herself. As I laughed at one story, Mersidda seemed rather upset with her mother in speaking to me.

“My lord, will I hear such stories of you?”

“Certainly, Mersidda. As my wife, you will come home with me. You thus will hear stories from my own mother, uncles and aunts, as well as brothers, sisters, brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, and probably from my own nieces and nephews. That does not even include stories from others in the military. I did not gain the rank of major by being quiet and doing everything by the book.”

Mersidda’s mother asked, “So you have a rather large family, Berair?”

“Yes, Mother. Thiminy is a rather isolated river valley, but it provides a good life. King Terish has done well with the land. We have good relations with the dwarves in the mountains around us. There are some elves across the desert at an angle that are working with us to ease trade. These two ladies and the children they bless me with should not ever lack.”

“Most who seek adventure complain about the life they left behind.”

I laughed before letting the lady know a fact. “I am here because I complained. I however did not leave my life behind.”

I called Mersidda to me. She seemed confused when I had her lift her right leg to me, then had my hands go beneath her dress. As I undid some straps she however understood. When finished, she kissed me before returning to her seat.

Emoya took the dagger I had removed from her daughter’s thigh, and moved a finger over the crest of my homeland as I explained, “That is from Queen Straekin. With it came a note saying, ‘Don’t let yourself feel alone.’ Thus, trust me, there is a life that I can bring my wives into.”

“Then I will bring a good report back to my husband. Mersidda was the last one for us to get out of the house. We still loved her however, and this arranged marriage by Baron Norvaum did not exactly sit well with me.”

I really did not want to change the subject, but I had been brought to this land for a reason. “Do you know anything about this shell?”

“No, but Baron Norvaum knows more than he is saying. Part of the reason for him acting so odd is that he knows what is going on. I really cannot tell you more than that.”

I did not want to complain about a superior that was treating me well. “Well, he is not bothering me about hurrying up and getting it solved. I almost felt that he was one of my enemies in going against the tentacle faces this morning.”

“Yes, well, the one that you need to speak to is Berallid, and it seems that he has not yet recovered from whatever magic spell brought you to us. The price of giving you a wife, Aden, Baron Norvaum seems to believe was a gift to himself and not to you. The only reason that you have my daughter is due to how little he thinks of Aden.”

“Well, I believe Aden and Mersidda are both priceless gifts.” Not wanting to simply parrot an agreement, I added, “Only fools complain about blessings or gifts. I’m no fool. I know to be honored with what I was given.”

“Well, I can tell that both of these ladies are pleased with you. Continue to be a proper husband to my daughter, and I will do for you all I can.”

While Berair tries to get back to his job, he has to deal with more details with his two wives.