Only Fools Complain: Cp9

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Only Fools Complain
Chapter Nine
Moving Forward

I intended to give Mersidda more of a ride than she could handle. Her young body however stayed with me. She was as sweaty as I, and panting as heavily, but managed to stay with me until I could not handle the sensations any longer.

When I came from the tub, Aden had a suit of clothes for me. While Mersidda had been in the water with me, she merely rubbed soap on my body and said nothing when I spent a lot of time playing with her breasts. When I came from the tub, I let Aden know that she was my wife as well. She also stayed with me, but without the energetic sounds of Mersidda. Her comments were merely promises that she would stay mine, but they drove me to keep working to satisfy. By the time I went to put on my clothes, I believe we were all ready for some friendly time of learning about each other.

Once again I left the castle with Mersidda almost dancing on one side of me and Aden latched onto the upper arm on the other side. I cannot say that the three of us were more familiar with each other, but I felt that we had overcome the basic initiation of what a life with each other could be like. Wondering how this visit with the local citizens would go, I left the castle again ready to enjoy my time.

While before everyone was attempting to get me to tell them my name, now everyone knew it. I however found that they still tried to maintain the impression that I was a regular citizen of the land. Wondering who they were attempting to deceive, I played along just wanting to assure good relations.

I did have my ladies take me to where we could get a good view of the shell. The barrier encompassed the entire community, so it was a good walk. Both ladies understood my reason for being present, so neither one complained. We spoke to each other about what we found of interest. As we approached the city gates, the soldiers acted as if they did not want us to pass to get a good view of the shell.

“Lieutenant,” I said to the highest ranking person present, “to assume that we will not attempt to remove this threat is silly. I have my wives with me. Surely whatever is guarding the shell cannot see me as a serious threat.”

He gave the order to open the gate. While the castle had high walls to protect the fortress, the city only had an earthen levee. It seemed that the outer side had been vertically cut and layered with a course of stone, but it still was not a serious threat to normal movement. My wives and I could have just walked up the inner side, then carefully dropped down the outer, but I had approached to check on how conditions were officially being handled. While regular movement was being restricted, it seemed that the guards were not under strict orders to simply be defiant toward those wanting the gates opened.

The lieutenant and another soldier walked with us, so I let him play tour guide. “Lieutenant, what are those splotches that seem to run along the inner side of the shell?”

“Don’t really know, Major, but they are deadly. Given the size of this shell, I would also suspect that there are more of them than the flayers.”

“Is there any record of what has been done to penetrate the shell?”

“Not with me, Major. Might check with those of higher rank.”

That was really about all I needed. I thus thanked the man, then had my ladies turn and begin walking back to the castle. The soldiers walked back to the gate, then closed it after I assured him that they had satisfied my needs.

Walking back through the city, Mersidda said, “My lord, I expected you to send your sword into the shell.”

“That would have been dumb and insulting, Mersidda. Surely that has been tried.”

Aden commented, “Probably not, my lord.” She saw me focus my gaze upon her, and understood a need to explain. “The baron is most strange in his thoughts, and that includes his edicts about the shell. Just so you know, that includes your being here and the two of us being your wives.”

I would never complain about anyone being honest about their beliefs, which especially applied to my wives. “Okay, but I have done my bold and foolish deed for the day. My allotment is up. Tomorrow I might try directly attacking the shell.”

While Aden walked next to me with a firm hold on an upper arm, I felt her grip tighten as she said, “Yes, my lord, your allotment is up. My apologies, but I hope to have it reduced to less than one a day.”

“Let’s not have our life get boring, Aden.”

“Surely two wives will prevent that, my lord.”

“No, Aden. I told you that I do not want the two of you to become my problems. I want both of you to make my life pleasurable. The problems, which will often force me to take chances, should come from somewhere else besides our home.”

It might have been that both of us kept our voices speaking lightly that had Mersidda cheerfully hug me while saying, “Yes, my lord, I will make your life pleasurable.”

Aden’s voice sounded as if she was annoyed, but her features were not displaying disfavor as she asked, “Well, my lord, could we discuss possible bold and foolish deeds – to hopefully reduce their foolishness, if not their boldness.”

“Well, you know the topic. My reason for being here is to bring down that shell. Any ideas that you have toward that goal will be appreciated, although you are my wife so more than able to speak to me on any topic.”

“Yes, my lord, as I believe you satisfied me on that matter earlier. Although,” Aden’s voice went soft as she said, “I believe that I was being a problem.”

I turned to the lady to put both my arms around her as I replied, “No, Aden. You were letting me know things about you. That was a good thing. It brought me pleasure.”

We kissed. While I needed to kiss Mersidda as well, it was a playful act while the one with Aden had more warmth. I found myself rather confused. I liked the fact that my wives were so different, but at the same time I wanted Aden to become less reserved and Mersidda to become more mature, which would make them closer to being the same. Telling myself that I would accept both ladies, I kissed them again.

Passing back through the city, Mersidda mentioned the bolt of cloth that she had been looking at earlier. I had her purchase it actually surprised that she had not done so earlier, as I placed my purse in the hands of my ladies. Aden took it from a pocket while assuring me she had not denied Mersidda, which my younger wife verified by simply claiming to have been worrying about me. Speaking of what she planned on doing with the cloth, I had her purchase a few other items relating to sewing.

This time coming into the castle I saw two mature women that I did not recognize. Mersidda ran to hug one, while the other ran forward to hug Aden before kneeling on the ground. I stood perplexed, so was glad when the one my younger wife hugged spoke to me.

“Major Berair, I am Emoya, Mersidda’s mother. I am glad to meet you, and want you to know that I am glad to have you in my family. I look forward to eating with you later, but there was a matter of business that needed to be handled first.”

With tears in her eyes, Aden had knelt to continue to hug the other lady while saying, “I thought she was dead.”

“No, Aden, but your own husband rescued her. She now has a tragic story of her own. The baron sought to claim her as his own, but I went to challenge his claim. You were Therlik’s wife, and as his death was a stupid affair you rightfully own what he possessed. That included Tamesa. As my own daughter should have some help, I went to assure certain properties were placed back in your possession.”

The lady then looked to me, and spread her arms. She then rushed to me. The hug she shared had the warmth of Aden, but some of the energy of Mersidda. The elderly lady was also not that tall, but as we broke the embrace her hands moved about my body.

“It seems that my youngest daughter got the better man. While she has to share, there seems to be enough of you to go around.”

“I am doing my best. It is wonderful to meet you – Mother?”

“You may certainly call me that.” To reinforce that fact, she hugged me before saying more. “I am sorry that my daughter came without a dowry, but in fact needed an enticement, but I hope that my actions today have you accepting that your bond with us is genuine. Major Berair, do you have family?”

With us just being in the foyer to the castle, I sought to only provide a basic fact. “A rather large one. My two older brothers run the family business.”

“And what was that?”

“My father was a baker. There was really no place for me, and I was a bit of a rascal anyway. People however told me that our king’s father was also a baker, so our monarch would look favorably upon my petition to join the military. I have learned that such was certainly true, as my accomplishments in the military were well recognized.”

The lady turned to Mersidda and told her to return to me before making a curtsey to me. “I want to speak more with you, but I understand to give you and your wives some time. It won’t be too much however, because I do want to learn about my new son.”

“I look forward to your company.”

As Mersidda’s mother walked away, Aden rose to introduce the new member to my household. “My lord, this is Tamesa. I was a third child, so also did not have a large dowry. My husband bought her for me when she was condemned to slavery after her husband fell into debt for killing some horses that did not belong to him, then he killed himself. Lady Emoya is correct, I should have possession of my husband’s property, but I have already stated my opinion of the baron’s mentality.”

The slave did a full curtsey to me before saying, “I will not be a bother, my lord. I will however be there to help your wives, and yourself should you have a need.”

I replied, “From what I saw of the actions of Aden, I fully believe that you will a treasured member of my household. Welcome, Tamesa. Know however that I am still learning things about my wives, so might ignore you to spend more time with them.”

“Such is only proper, my lord. Let me however say that I recognize your work in freeing me and others from the flayers. Thus, trust that I will treat you with kindness.”

“Your work is to help my wives. Note that while you come to me as the possession of Aden, I will ask that you help Mersidda as well. As for me, I will look to my wives to satisfy my needs.”

There is more to Aden's past that had been taken from her.