Only Fools Complain: Cp8

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Only Fools Complain
Chapter Eight
Problems with the Past

It was the butler that opened the doors to the castle. Aden however stood in the foyer. She did not smile, but I felt was holding back tears. I looked to the butler, but he faded back, so I found myself having to make a decision.

In a forced manner, Aden said, “My lord, I need you.”

I had already made a decision, so patted Mersidda on the rump while commanding, “Go get me something to eat. I had some water, but nothing to eat. Thus, no soup. Something with a substantial piece of meat. If it takes the cook time to cook, I can wait.”

I really could not tell if my little wife understood, but she only curtsied while saying, “My lord,” in a manner that let me know she would obey.

I walked next to Aden as Mersidda moved off. My more mature wife must have been wearing some shoes with heels, as she stood closer to my height. She did not move to kiss me however, but simply came beside me to hug my arm as she had earlier.

She said, “Take me to our apartment, my lord.”

“You might need to direct me, Aden.”

“Of course.”

I waited for her to mention what was on her mind, but she walked beside me only softly giving instructions. While her arms stayed wrapped around my right appendage, she held her head proudly. Moving through the door into our apartment, I expected her to then begin talking, but she just tugged on my shirt in a manner instructing me to stay still.

I stood confused while Aden cried while hugging me with one arm and pounding on my chest with the other. While being slammed by tentacles all morning, her strikes on my body did not hurt me at all. I wanted to say something, or touch her, but it was far too early in our relationship to know what to do or how to do it. I thus just quietly held my place while allowing Aden her time.

Finally, she had her arms come to the front of my shirt and tug on it as if checking its appearance. She did not kiss me, but accepted a handkerchief to wipe her eyes. She then smiled at me and spoke.

“I’m all right, my lord.”

“I get into my moods at times as well, Aden. We’ll learn.”

Her whole face broke, and tears again filled her eyes before she set her head to my chest and wailed, “It’s not fair! Therlik was a horrible man. I was a good wife. I loved him. I bore his children. I got nothing for it. I wanted him dead – dead! He never did anything that would risk his life however. I felt that my life would be one of torment. I now get you, and you risk your life, and I don’t want you dead at all!”

I felt that I could now say something, but Aden continued to speak. “I was glad when Therlik was killed, and our child – and the child I carried. I was not happy at all. I now have a man that is much more handsome, much more honorable.” I again felt her hand pound on my chest as her tear filled eyes looked to me. “I swore to Baron Norvaum that he owed me a good man. He however kept trying to tell me that Therlik was a good man. I put myself in shape to again court a man. I lost the weight of the children. I changed my hairstyle and did things to make me appear younger. I then learned that I was being given to some hero, and I was so angry. It seems that you are a good man however, Berair, and I was so scared that I was going to lose you.”

I took the handkerchief and began wiping her face while saying, “General Shobirth said that you were before Baron Norvaum speaking on my behalf.”

“He was going to stop you from killing the flayers. That was the wrong policy. It was another wrong belief by him. Just like he believed his second son was a good man. Yes, Berair, I had to get the baron to see that he was very, very wrong.”

“Thank you. Just to let you know, the general said that he was sent with other orders, but had heard your statements. When those I rescued spoke in my favor, and he saw my success in taking on the monsters, he went ahead and acted to support me.”

Aden again buried her face in my chest as she cried some more. “I was so certain that I would have you wounded at best.”

I just held her as she sobbed. The evidence was very apparent that Aden had a lot to get out of her. While I had some questions for her, I first felt that it was my duty as her husband to let her release her emotions.

Finally she again lifted her head to look into my eyes and said, “Thank you, my lord.”

“You are so different than Mersidda. I think it is best if I get you separately like this.”

“Mersidda is a good girl. Lord Harbest was kind to all this children. He is a farmer however, and was actually scared that his third daughter would marry a farmer – not a landed freeman, but a regular farmer. He thus tried to get Mersidda to woo the soldiers, but she is just too sweet. While Lord Harbest did need some money, his wife mostly committed his daughter to you just because she knew you would have more respect than anyone else Mersidda might give her favors too.”

I kissed Aden, then said, “Mersidda also spoke well of you. She said you were very nice.”

“As you said, Berair, she and I are so very different. I also do not hold her at fault. Same with you, Berair. You are not at fault. I am your wife, and will not ever refuse you. I would hope that you consider me a very nice person as well.”

“I am finding you to be a very lovely person, Aden.” Now it was she that moved for a kiss, and glad to see a positive response I kept talking. “Everyone called you, Princess Aden.”

“Well, I am. I am like Mersidda in being a third daughter. I am just the third daughter of Baron Behammir of a nearby kingdom. A second son could inherit the throne, and when I gave Therlik a son suddenly I could have been the royal mother. Aneron, Baron Norvaum’s first son, only has daughters. Also, Baron Norvaum actually loved Therlik. All of this says that I could have had a very good relationship with this domain, but that was not the truth.”

I tried to touch her softly about her waist as I said, “The people spoke of you with kindness.”

“I am glad that you are hearing good things about me, Berair. I want you to see me as a good person. I want you to see me as pretty. I want you to want my body. I want you to be glad that I am your wife. Want all of this because I am glad to be your wife.”

We both turned as the door opened. Mersidda appeared surprise to see us right before her. She had the two of us step aside to allow a number of servants to pass delivering food to our table. Seeing everything set up, she then moved to me and delivered a report.

“Baron Norvaum said that it might be best if you spent another evening with your wives.”

I looked to Aden and said, “I have yet to meet the man.”

She replied, “I don’t know of any reason why you need to speak to him.”

I accepted her statement. It might have been her bias coloring the conclusion, but she was my wife. I thus considered how to move my thoughts along to other objectives. Still feeling tired, I decided to just make some statements about my belief in the day still being young.

“It cannot be that late. I don’t think I was down there that long.”

“No, Berair. It is a late dinner, but there is still a good bit left to our day.”

“We left this morning to have the two of you show me the town. I believe that there is still a lot to see.”

Mersidda asked, “Before we do, can I have you?”

I smiled at Aden, then replied to my younger wife. “I’m your husband, Mersidda. Let’s eat, then I probably need a bath. Since I will take my clothes off, you may certainly take advantage of the situation.”

She beamed with pleasure, but then tried to put on a less energetic face as she said to Aden, “You can have him too.”

“I will not fight you, Mersidda. You asked first. Our husband however seems to have some staying power. If you need support, I am more than willing.”

“I asked first? You did not ask?”

“No, Mersidda. I told Berair that I would not refuse him, but I needed our husband for other reasons. Having a man in your life offers a lot of benefits.” I saw Aden’s eyes scan the room for any remaining servants, then she reached and grabbed me between the legs. “This is something that I will desire. I am not fighting you, Mersidda, so you better not fight me.”

My little wife replied, “Yes – I mean no, Aden. Berair is your husband too.” Confusion showed on her face, then she said, “Let’s eat.” Sounded good to me, but as I directed my ladies to the table, Mersidda whispered a question to Aden. “If you were not speaking to our husband about having his child, what did you need to privately speak to him about?”

She replied, “He is our husband every day, every hour. You need to learn that he has more to offer than getting you pregnant.”

“I believe Berair will be rather busy.”

I directed my ladies to the table, then led them in a little devotion. I let them know which of the gods I respected. It was a good time of learning something about my wives. I had seen them both naked, but was only now learning something about who they were. I hated to compare my wives to whores, but so far that was about all they had been in my life. While I enjoyed the pleasures of a lady, I needed them to begin establishing themselves as something more than a period of pleasure. A time of serious discussion was not something that I had ever had with whores, and I sought to prepare myself for a life with these ladies by directing them to fill me in on some data.

“Uh, is this the first or second, or whatever day of our marriage?”

Aden replied, “Uh, we slept together last night. Berallid brought you to us yesterday, so this is the second day of our marriage. Mersidda had been here with her mother seeking suitors from the military when the shell came around us. I got word four days ago that I would probably be given to another man. I got upset, as I finally had myself in shape to present myself among other prospective ladies, including Mersidda. Baron Norvaum definitely wanted to get rid of me, but had to admit that I might not be something a hero would want. Probably the only reason Mersidda was chosen was that she was available, and her mother would accept a monetary payment for her.”

Mersidda said, “Mother said that they promised her that my husband would be more than just some regular soldier. We could go talk to her.”

I replied, “Yes, Mersidda, I would like that.”

“Oh, how about for supper?”

I looked to my other wife to ask, “Would that be okay with you, Aden?”

“Yes, my lord. I have not really spoken with her, but I knew she and Mersidda were in town. Learning of my competition in the courting process, I found nothing improper with Mersidda. I however felt that a man that would want her would not want me, so I did not consider her to be real competition.” She set her eyes back on her plate, then asked, “What are the chances that we might meet my parents?”

“In the short term, I have no idea. Don’t count it out, Aden. My king travels quite a bit. He okayed my being here, so we can petition for a return visit. I also joined the military early, so in a few years my service will be up. There thus may be opportunities, Aden.”

“Berair,” my name was said so soft by Aden, that I reached out to touch her to assure that she understood she could speak. “Do you think your mother will love us?”

“My mother, my sisters, and the wives of my older brothers will love both of you. While I might need to be away from you for a time, there is no reason for you to be alone or unloved.”

“Then my life has been greatly improved in being joined to you. Yes, Berair, my life is yours.”

Mersidda piped up to say, “Well, you said that I had him for the bath.”

“Our husband is large enough for us to share, Mersidda. Don’t get too greedy.”

“I won’t, Aden. You can have him too. I promise.”

Aden picked up a bowl and began refilling my plate while saying, “Mersidda and I will work things out, Berair. Do not concern yourself with us unless that is your desire.”

I replied, “I would not be a man not to desire it.” I however did point to my plate. “Yes, but I am hungry.” I then looked to Mersidda to say, “I will then need a bath.”

Berair is not one to take things too easily.