Only Fools Complain: Cp10

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Only Fools Complain
Chapter Ten
My World Expands

It seems that the baron was keeping more from Aden than just a slave. When we entered the apartment, a number of boxes were set against the wall. What surprised me was that Aden did not go searching through them. She merely opened them, verified the contents were familiar to her, then closed each back.

“My lord, I am sorry to say that our return might not be as simple as a magic spell.”

Only Fools Complain: Cp8

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Only Fools Complain
Chapter Eight
Problems with the Past

It was the butler that opened the doors to the castle. Aden however stood in the foyer. She did not smile, but I felt was holding back tears. I looked to the butler, but he faded back, so I found myself having to make a decision.

In a forced manner, Aden said, “My lord, I need you.”

Only Fools Complain: Cp4

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Only Fools Complain
Chapter Four
The Fight is Joined

I actually heard people telling me not to attack. Like Hell! No damn tentacle-faced monster was going to have his way with somebody under my concern. The blade of my sword expertly came down on the appendages from the creature’s head, then a dagger went through some type of covering robes into whatever body existed. People gasped as they saw the lady fall away from the monster before running to escape while I started my attack.

Only Fools Complain: Cp3

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Only Fools Complain
Chapter Three
Becoming a Citizen of Nemurk

My wives let me see that my uniform was clean and properly folded in a trunk. They however stressed that I needed to do my best not to appear to be a stranger. Part of the reason I had been given wives was to help me blend in with the locals. Placed on top of uniform were a number of garments with my wives choosing the one that I would wear.

Only Fools Complain: Cp1

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Only Fools Complain
Chapter One
Waking a Married Man

The wet rag on my face felt nice, although the feeling also told me that I was suffering from a high temperature. I was not one that usually got sick, but I remembered clearly those occasions where I could not force my body to act in the manner that I desired. The problem was that a few doses of something really disgusting usually had the fever break when I woke back up. The wet rag did feel good, but it was not the cure that I felt I needed.