Vampire: Grendalkian Bloodine

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Vampire: Grendalkian Bloodine

This bloodline was the result of an experiment by three different kindred, each of a different clan. Two blood points each were taken from the Gangrel, Tzimisce, and Nosferatu and then subjected to a powerful ritual designed by a Tremere hematologist they had captured and tortured into revealing the secrets of the ritual to them. They also did other experiments on the blood. Then they drained a mortal dry and gave her the blood potion they had created. They raised her not as any one clan but instructed her in the ways of all three clans. They taught three disciplines only; Protean, Vicissitude, and Fortitude. Then, as was their plan, they had their childer diablerize all three of them. The next part of the plan was to mentally take over the body of their childer (they had created a meta-discipline that would allow their minds to survive in the host and meld into one sentience). However, her mind and will were too strong so they failed and their metadiscipline faltered because they had rushed its creation, and all trace of them was destroyed. She then joined the camarilla. Twenty years ago she created her bloodline and bid all her kind to swear fealty to the camarilla, those who refused were destroyed and their ashes scattered. After founding her bloodline and instructing them, she left to travel and was captured by a cabal of mages. She returned three years later and seemed the same, but she demonstrated strange new disciplines and abilities and seemed moderately more powerful. She now manages her bloodline and hunts sabbat kindred, she has no memory of what the mages did to her and will not speak of any of the changes. Diablerie is harshly discouraged, while diablerie of others of the bloodline is a final death offense.
Symbol: DNA strand.
Nickname: Freaks.
Appearance: Varies dramatically.
Haven: Earth-melding, abandoned places, and motels.
Background: They explain everything to prospective Grendalkin if they seem interested they are embraced and if they refuse they are killed and burned to ashes. They favor inventive and adventurous people.
Character Creation: Varies dramatically.
Disciplines: Protean, Vicissitude, and Fortitude.
Weakness: Due to a side-effect of the way their siress was made they must spend 2 blood points a night instead of 1.
Organization: Everyone has a superior they must report to every 2 months and give information that might help the camarilla or the bloodline. They have a meeting every 3 years and they are mandatory.
Camarilla: The only way to act, other ways invite another inquisition or the wrath of the lupines.
Sabbat: They are reckless and wild fools, destroy them all!
Independents: With time I am sure they will be swayed to the camarilla, at least they are not so foolish as the sabbat is.
Werewolves: They are a good fight, but are hard to kill and half the time win.
Changelings: Do they even exist?
Mages: They wronged our siress but some aren't so bad, still don't trust them.