Vampire: Gardeners Bloodline

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Vampire: Gardeners Bloodline

This bloodline was made two hundred years ago, it is unknown who founded the bloodline, but the leader of the bloodline is Maxarcus Fremlin. Maxarcus, (he goes by Max), was supposedly the childer of the bloodlines founder, he claims he has no idea what happened to the bloodlines founder and has taken leadership of the clan. Maxarcus resides in Florinia, an underground garden city that is in the wilderness of Montana. The city is accessible only to members of the bloodline and the entrance is only able to be found by using the Arboria discipline, the location of the entrance is a highly guarded secret. If any of the bloodline were to tell a non-Gardener the general location of the entrance they would be hunted down and slain. The city is lit by phosphorescent moss and molds, which also lets the trees grow underground just as if they were on the surface, they use special greenhouse lights to supplement this. The city's entrance is guarded by dozens of giant ghouled Venus Flytraps, which are sometimes fed Nosferatu blood to make them larger and meaner. The scientists of the bloodline often genetically alter the Venus Flytraps. Whenever a member of the bloodline is killed they try and recover their blood, if any. The blood of fallen members is added to the Heart Blood (like the Assamites have). The bloodline will try and find out if the victim was killed in a fair fight or in foul play. If the victim was killed in foul play they will try and kill the slayer themselves or hire out an Assamite. The heart blood is used to embrace new Gardeners and to ghoul plants in the city. It is also used to blood bind members of another clan or bloodline so that they must serve all the Gardeners when commanded. They bear mortals no innate ill will, but how they treat mortals varies from Gardener to Gardener. They sometimes like to secretly capture and blood bind Tremere so they can learn Thaumaturgy, new rituals, and new paths. They also like to secretly capture Setite sorcerers, but have not tried to capture an Assamite sorcerer, Max has declared it forbidden because it is too risky and it would draw the terrible wrath of the Assamites. The Gardeners don't serve the Camarilla or the Sabbat, but are independent. They will help Camarilla members hunt the Sabbat once in a while because they greatly dislike the Sabbat. Any Gardener is free to make childer without permission as long as they are blood bound to the bloodline. Max has forbidden diablerie, anyone caught doing it becomes no longer protected by the bloodline weakeness and have their blood drained into the Heart Blood cauldron, then they are staked and ghouls take them into the daylight to be burned away.
Symbol: Pruning shears.
Nickname: Tree-Huggers.
Appearance: Varies.
Haven: Prefer greenhouses, tree-melding, using Tree form, et cetera, also houses and log cabins are popular.
Background: Rangers, gardeners, botanists, floral arrangers, outdoors people, geneticists, et cetera.
Character Creation: Varies dramatically.
Disciplines: Arboria, Arborius, and Arboreal-Protean.
Weakness: Start blood bound to the entire bloodline, thus they can't harm or kill another Gardener (Exception: a Gardener found to have commited diablerie is automatically and mystically cutoff from this protection, this was purposefully arranged by the bloodline founder when the Heart Blood was first made and enchanted).
Organization: Every year they have a mandatory meeting at Florinia those who don't attend are hunted down and killed with their blood being added to the Heart Blood, unless they have a VERY good excuse. Also, they have a meeting every four months that is optional and any member can arrange their own optional meeting by getting permission from Maxarcus.
Allies: Flora Bloodline, some Malkavians, a few Brujah.
Enemies: The Sabbat, minions of the Wyrm.
Camarilla: Their ideas make sense but they are a little too confining.
Sabbat: Useless fools, they will be the death of all kindred through their stupidity.
Independents: Like us they are the smart ones, every clan for itself!
Werewolves: Some of us have an agreement with some of them, but in general: RUN AWAY.
Changelings: These things are WEIRD, don't trust them at all and try to stay away from them.
Mages: These guys scare me, I would advise staying away at all costs and NEVER mess with them.