Vampire: Daemoses Bloodline

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Vampire: Daemoses Bloodline

Another bloodline I made for Vampire: the Masquerade that I have yet to playtest. They hunt and feed on other vampires, even members of their own bloodline! Survival of the fittest might as well be their motto. They are predators.

This bloodline was formed by a Gangrel Antri-tribu in 1998 who was 7th generation. They delight in diablerie and encourage it, they are independent and wish to destroy the camarilla AND sabbat! They will even diablerize other members of their own bloodline, survival of the fittest. Their founder is unknown, he manipulates them from the shadows and via pawns. It is rumored that their founder somehow found a way to diablerize demons and that he somehow diablerized over four demons. He then founded the bloodline after going through a powerful thaumaturgy ritual that was done by an ally. After the ritual and founding his bloodline, he learned the Ritual of The Bitter Rose from his tremere ally and promptly used it on his former ally to strengthen his children. A common practice is the most powerful one makes a childer, has the childer make a childer, et cetera et cetera, then they have an ally diablerize all the childers weakest to strongest in order. The result is the ally going down more than one generation. Of course sometimes it ends with the "ally" diablerizing the childers' sire as well... The Daemoses Bloodline believes their founder created the Daemonicus discipline, but it was copied by the Daemoses founder from his childer, she is the one who actually invented it. The Daemoses bloodline members believe that diablerie is the highest form of exaltation and treat it almost as a religious ceremony! They want to replace the camarilla and the sabbat with their own order, and then hunt the anarchs and caitiff to extinction (the founder LOATHES caitiffs).
Symbol: Black spiral (note: they have no ties to Black Spiral Dancers or the Wyrm, it's just a coincidence).
Nickname: Creeps.
Appearance: They are usually selfish, cruel, and power-hungry people, but their physical appearances vary dramatically.
Haven: Abandoned buildings, earth melding, graveyards, et cetera.
Background: They embrace only those who pass their test, the test is to see if they are utterly evil, if they fail the test they are killed. Typical embracees are satanists, cultists, serial killers, and psychopaths.
Character Creation: Physical primary, mental secondary, and social tertiary.
Disciplines: Diablerus, Daemonicus, and Protean.
Weakness: Anyone using any sort of diablerie sensing power automatically succeeds and their aura will ALWAYS have the dark black veins and they never fade out of their aura! Note that not even True Magic from an awakened Mage can hide the black veins in their aura.
Organization: They meet once a year, the meeting is mandatory, those who don't show up are never heard or seen of again, (the founder diablerizes them). The meeting is run by Azazariel, the founders assistant.
Camarilla: Institution of the weaklings, destroy them all.
Sabbat: They are fools, eradicate them.
Independent: The only smart ones, destroy them anyways.
Werewolves: Run away since you can't diablerize them.
Mages: Avoid them as much as you can, run fast.
Changelings: What are changelings?