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Deadpool movie

I just saw the Deadpool movie yesterday with my friend, Greg. It was amazing and bad ass! I loved the humor, fight scenes, special effects, and story of the movie. It definitely satisfied my need for copious amounts of cinema carnage, as well as 4th-wall breaking! I highly recommend it! I'm giving it 10 out of 10 stars. :)

Make mine Marvel! Excelsior!

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I agree, I saw this a few

I agree, I saw this a few weeks ago and LOVED it. Deadpool was never in my comic book reading as a kid, shoot not even sure when he came out in print, but I have not memory of him ha! But this movie made me an instant fan.

Go see it!


(Yes, I've been MIA, been busy with life work and my new vlog page, sorry about that lol. )

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Finally got the movie.

Finally got the movie. Thoroughly enjoyed it. What made the movie was that it was obviously made by people who knew Deadpool. They also loved Colossus. It helped my enjoyment of the movie to see the right costumes, the right type of dialogue, and generally just doing the superheroes the way they are supposed to be done.

What is strange is that for a Deadpool movie, it really is not a Deadpool story. Of course Hollywood needs a romance. They however presented a Deadpool romance as the story arch for a Deadpool movie, and it helped the movie. A very good production.

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