Elijah Dornest, vampire NPC

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Elijah Dornest, vampire NPC

Name: Elijah Dornest, Player: The storyteller (aka DM), Chronice: None yet
Nature: Architect/Visionary, Demeanor: Rebel, Clan: Toreador
Generation: 13th, Haven: A secret tunnel, Concept: Clan revolutionist

Strength OOOOO, Dexterity OOOOO, Stamina OOOO
Charisma OO, Manipulation OO, Appearance OO
Perception OOO, Intelligence OO, Wits OOO

Alertness OOO, Brawl OOO, Dodge OOO
Drive O, Firearms OOO, Melee OOO, Security O, Stealth OOO, Survival OO
Computer OO, Investigation O, Politics OO

Disciplines: Celerity OOO
Backgrounds: Allies OO, Retainers OOO
Virtues: Conscience O, Self-Control OOOO, Courage OOOOO
Humanity: OOOOO, Willpower: OOOOO
Merits: Dual Nature 2
Flaws: Clan Enmity 2, Dark Secret 1, Enemy 1 (x4)

Elijah is a rebellious neonate that despises the reputation and image that the toreador clan has. He wants to change his clan from a collection of vain, effete, snobbish artsy types into a collection of warriors. His vision of ideal beauty is battle in all its forms, especially that of swordsmanship and sharpshooting. Weapons are his paintbrush and canvas, warfare is his inspiration.

His embrace was one of total mistaken impressions, in a case of almost comedic erroneous assumptions. His sire, Marissa Gutierrez, was passing by on the street and happened to glance his way. Elijah was a homeless and jobless young man trying to earn some money for food and the essentials by doing performance art. His performance consisted of his own version of sword-dancing from a midieval european country, along with some random fencing moves. He was performing with two fake swords and dressed in rags, his only possessions. Marissa watched his performace and was enraptured by his skill with the blades. She assumed his poor showmanship and raggedy clothes were done purposefully as part of the performace, that he was being "ironic". Marissa followed him home and embraced him that very night in an act of passion. Fortunately for her, the prince of the city had already given her approval to sire a new neonate, but could only have one.

Imagine her surprise when she found out the supposed insightful performer using irony to mock the common street performer trash was himself common street perfomer trash, and homeless to boot! To make matters worse, he had absolutely no respect for the arts and was obsessed with guns, ancient weapons, and warfare! She desperately set out to implore the prince of the city to let her destroy her new mistaken childer before the rest of her clan found out and she was made the subject of mockery by her clan. Sadly for her, a hidden nosferatu that had watched her follow and embrace Elijah had already sold the full story of her new unsuitable childer to one of Marissa's rivals. When Marissa arrived at the elysium the next night to speak with the prince she was instead greeted by her local clanmates and the harpies of the elysium who gave her a relentless teasing. Marissa lost much respect in the eyes of her peers and was teased for years to come.

Determined to turn a devastating loss into a salvaged win she employed harsh tutelage and discipline into her new neonate, Elijah. She would turn him into a presentable toreador or Elijah would suffer final death trying! She forced him into studying the toreador ways and look at great works of art, theatre, and music. All her efforts were in vain, she couldn't change his attitude to the arts. She managed to make him just presentable enough to present to the prince many years later and booted Elijah out on his own. She moved to another country and hasn't spoken to Elijah since.

Elijah tried to make his own way as a newly-freed neonate, but he continued to be disgusted with the toreador traditions. He eventually made ties with anarchs and dedicated himself with the herculean (some would say futile) task of reforming the toreador from "art snobs", as he called them, into warriors! Needless to say, this earned him the enmity of the toreador clan as a whole, as well as the hatred of Marissa's four other childer (his four level 1 enemies from his Enemy flaws). Elijah makes extensive use of homeless veterans he has turned into ghouls as his own soldiers. He makes himself useful not to his clan, but to the prince of the city and several primogen. He specializes in raids on sabbat-held territory and has personally given final death to more than one sabbat pack. His ghouled veterans he treats well, seeing them as kindred (no vampiric pun intended) spirits. When he needs disposable cannon fodder for battle he tends to pick washouts from the police academy or cops that were forced to resign due to scandal, incompetence, etc.

Elijah is a half-korean/half-native american man who looks to be in his late thirties. He has long, unkempt hair and a sour expression on his face. He is very physically fit from a previous attempt at being a soldier (he was dishonorably discharged right after he finished training because he got in a fight with a liberal reporter over an anti-army article). He has several scars over his body from when he once was attacked by a couple of gang members with knives. He wears light body armor hidden under his clothes, carries two concealed handguns, and has a two-handed sword that breaks down into five smaller pieces for when he doesn't want to be seen carrying a sword down main street.

Elijah currently resides in a hidden tunnel he and his ghouls excavated and built on the outskirts of town, it has fortifications and several hidden exits in case he has to flee. His daytime slumber is under constant guard by ghouled veterans and ghouled attack dogs. His two most loyal ghouls are also his friends (for his Allies merit), they were homeless veterans he befriended back when he was still alive. Elijah has several acquaintances among the anarchs, but he is not part of the anarch movement.

Dark Secret flaw: He has secretly embraced a childer of his own, a female veteran named Kasha Simenz, and has her pretending to be a normal toreador member in good standing while she acts as his eyes and ears in clan affairs. She was dying of cancer and willingly agreed to become a vampire. Officially, she doesn't know who her sire is and takes every opportunity to denounce him and his cause as insane and doomed to failure.

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For his Nature of visionary

For his Nature of visionary his vision is a changed toreador culture of warriors.

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